The Best 3 Places to Go Fishing on Anna Maria Island

The Best 3 Places to Go Fishing on Anna Maria Island

Do you and your family love to fish when you go on vacation? If you do, then we need to tell you all about the three best places where you can go fishing on Anna Maria Island. Staying in one of our Water Access vacation homes will keep you and the family close to the fish and water. Let’s look below at where you can head to on the island to get in some great fishing.

Rod & Reel Pier

The Best 3 Places to Go Fishing on Anna Maria Island

One of the best-hidden treasures on Anna Maria Island is the Rod & Reel Pier located on the North End of the island. Not only can you fish off the pier, but you can also try their restaurant that is pretty famous for the area. Spend a day or two at the dock and soak up the sun and fun as you fish off this historic pier as a family for only a small fee. Plus, you will be able to grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner there if you choose not to cook for the day. Be sure to check out the Rod & Reel Pier on your next vacation to Anna Maria Island this summer!

Bay to Bay Fishing Charters

If you’re looking for a one of a kind experiences, then look no further for your fishing adventures. Bay to Bay Fishing Charters is an excellent charter to do some different charters. One of the unique fishing experiences that they offer is their Extreme Night Shark Charters! They also have other skills such as Inshore & Near Shore Charters, Tarpon Charters, and even some relaxing excursions around the bay. The least amount of time for fishing they offer is 4 hours, and they go up to a full day, which is 8 hours. If you’d like to do the night fishing, it will be for 4-5 hours. No matter what you are looking to do, Bay to Bay Fishing Charters with Captain Brian Peacock is just for you!

Anna Maria Island City Pier

The Best 3 Places to Go Fishing on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island City Pier has to be one of the most historical places to fish at on the island. It is being rebuilt from being damaged during Hurricane Irma and was supposed to open in March. Since the lockdown, we are hoping they will be open by this summer. You will have to have a Florida State License to fish off the pier but have no worries as you can get it there. We promise that your family will not want to leave the fishing pier at the end of the day, but it only means you can go back the rest of the week to fish.

While there are many other fun places around Anna Maria Island to go fishing, we wanted to share these with you. If you haven’t booked your summer vacation to stay with us in one of our Water Access vacation homes, now is the time. We hope to see you and your family as you travel after this quarantine is over!

Labor Day Weekend on Anna Maria Island




When and Why?

Labor Day Weekend on Anna Maria Island is filled with cocktails by the pool, lounging at the beach or in the calm Gulf waters, or feasting on freshly caught Florida Lobster.  This is the last holiday of the Summer, and before the stresses of work and the Winter holiday season kick in, come and enjoy some fresh Florida fun, relaxation, and life. Life is a lot easier when you’re floating in a perfect blue pool, boating around Tampa Bay, or looking out at the tranquil Gulf of Mexico with sandy feet and a cold beer in your hand, isn’t it? This year, Labor Day Weekend occurs on Saturday, September 1, 2018 – Monday, September 3rd, 2018.

Places to Stay

AMI Locals can help you find the perfect spot to enjoy that breath of warm fresh air before the chilly fall days and school starts again back home. Luckily, our Anna Maria Island vacation luxury rentals make it easy on you. All our homes are within easy walking distance to a beach. Most of our vacation rentals also have Pools, Spas, and are Pet-Friendly. Check out Avalon, Blue By You, and Atlantis Beach House! Manatee Public Beach in Holmes Beach, Coquina Beach in Bradenton Beach, and the Bean Point area in Anna Maria are all great places to soak up the sun and relax on Anna Maria Island. Grab your sunglasses and start enjoying life! 

Things to Do

Our gorgeous island and community offer far more than just our world-renowned beaches. You can:

Do as much of this, or as little of it as you’d like, it’s your vacation. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a giant list of things to do for you, so check all of them out on our AMI Locals website.

Lobster Season and Places to Indulge

After working up an appetite with all of these adventures, keep in mind that Florida Lobster season runs from August through March. Get your lobster bibs tied on tight and check out these awesome eats.

  • Beach Bistro – don’t miss their heavenly Butter Poached Lobster & Pan Roasted Gulf Shrimp entrée.
  • The Waterfront – try the Smoked Margarita, then enjoy a fabulous bowl of lobster bisque.
  • The Sandbar – Pop a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and dig into the Sandbar’s fantastic Seafood Tower! Florida lobster tail, seasonal crab, jumbo shrimp, premium oysters, middle neck clams and smoked fish dip. Anna Maria Island waterfront rentals are definitely the best way to kick back and watch the sunset after a feast like this.


While visiting, you can also check out a few fun Labor Day events occurring in the area. These will help you celebrate the “unofficial end of Summer”!

  • Florida Studio Theatre’s summer season has the FST Improv Troupe’s Comedy Lottery happening Saturday, September 1 at 7:30pm. Join the cast for a show that you help make up… literally! Before every show, 12 lucky audience members will be selected. Those participants will be asked to randomly select out of the FST Improv infamous bucket of over 50 games. Those 12 games will comprise the lineup for that night which will feature a unique combination of scenes, sketches and songs selected by you and your peers!
    • If participation isn’t your thing, Florida Studio Theatre also features Gilbert & Sullivan Unplugged on September 1, at 6pm & 9pm. Gilbert & Sullivan Unplugged has delighted audiences across the US. They have done this through lovingly loopy renditions and joyfully irreverent excerpts from HMS Pinafore, The Mikado, and The Pirates of Penzance. Location: 1265 1st St, Sarasota, FL 34236
  • The Sarasota Sailing Squadron will host the 72nd Annual Labor Day Regatta on September 1st and 2nd, 9am-4pm.  The event brings more than 300 competitive sailors from across the U.S. and Canada. It draws nearly 1,000 visitors to the area each year. Activities include 5 separate race courses, live music, BBQ, refreshments and an awards ceremony. Viewing of the event is free and open to the public.  Location: 1717 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota, Florida 34236
  • The Summer of Rum Fest is taking place September 1st & 2nd, 12pm-11pm in Curtis Hixon Park, downtown Tampa. Music, Sunshine, and… Rum. You’ll find all of the tropical drinks your inner pirate craves!  Featuring Cruzan Rum, Blackheart Spiced Rum, Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Appleton Estate Rum, and many more. Enjoy rum from around the world. Age: 21+ up. Ticket prices vary. Location: 600 N Ashley Drive, Tampa 33602 

 Whatever your ideal Labor Day weekend, you can find it here on sunny Anna Maria Island. However, make sure you #vacationlikealocal with #amilocals.

Tarpon Fishing on Anna Maria Island

Tarpon Fishing on Anna Maria Island

It is that time of year again, yup you guessed it, it’s Tarpon Fishing Season! If you have been out on the North End of Anna Maria Island lately, known as Bean Point. You may have noticed all the boats sitting side by side in the deep waters of Bean Point Pass jockeying for position to try and catch one of these once in a lifetime big game fish! You may have also noticed boats circling or casting at fish off the beach, or drifting Egmont Key, or trying their luck at any one of our bridges – especially the Sunshine Skyway.

When to Fish for Tarpon

Tarpon Fishing on Anna Maria Island

During the Summer months of late May until late July, these fish can be found all around our areas in large numbers. You’ll likely identify them because of the anglers chasing them. The Southwest Florida area is a tarpon haven, and these fish pile up here during their annual migration starting on the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of Florida. They can be found up the Gulf coast around Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas, and ending in Central America. They love the Anna Maria fishery due to the large amount of baitfish in our area, consisting of mainly what the locals call “shiners, threadfin (threadies), and sardines.”

More about Tarpons

Tarpon Fishing on Anna Maria Island

Tarpon are also big fans of our Summer tidal flows that results in very large tidal drops for our Gulf waters of over 2 feet in just a few hours. This large tidal flush causes significant currents, especially around these “passes” where deep water channels meet our shallow flat areas or islands. This tidal flow not only flushes water through these passes, but it also brings these bait fish and small “pass” crabs. The tarpon sit in these narrow inlets and wait for the buffet to start… and so do the anglers!

Testing your Luck

Tarpon Fishing on Anna Maria Island

Locals and tourists alike test their luck with these fish and is truly one of the best fishing experiences you’ll have. It is not uncommon to “jump” multiple tarpon in a single fishing day, and maybe “boat” a couple. What we mean by jump is exactly that, these fish love to jump when hooked. They are acrobatics at their core and the aerial display they put on when hooked is amazing. Even if you aren’t holding a fishing rod with a tarpon attached to the line, it is an amazing experience to just sit and watch the other anglers fight these fish.

Let’s Go “Boating”

Tarpon Fishing on Anna Maria Island

Because of these acrobatics, these fish are very difficult to catch, or “boat” as we call it. Boating a fish counts when the leader line is touched, or the fish is safely grabbed to remove the hook. And ensuring the fish is unharmed, safe, and ready to be released. You may or may not know, but these fish are catch and release only, they are just a game fish. This ensures the safety of the species, helps to ensure a large population and fishing experiences for years to come. In fact, Tarpons are a very protected fish. No fish larger than 40 pounds can be brought on board of a boat for photos.  Therefore, all the photos you see will be with anglers holding them in the water or alongside the boat. Tarpon fishing is truly one of the most fun times of the year. We highly recommend it for any experience level of angler. Our team of property managers would be happy to recommend some anglers to you, so don’t hesitate to ask. You can also check out our website and view our preferred fishing charter vendors.

AMI Locals recommends:

Justin Moore-

Jason Stock-

Brian Peacock –

Mac Gregory-

We have great local guides to help ensure a quality fishing experience for you. If Tarpon isn’t of interest, they can help you find many of the great fish species in our area. Some of the fish might be: Snook, Redfish, Grouper, Snapper, Trout, Permit, Pompano, Cobia, Tuna, Sailfish, and more!

Tarpon Fishing on Anna Maria Island