Why Should You #BookDirect with AMI Locals?

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Are you and your family planning a vacation to Anna Maria Island this year? We need to tell you why you should #bookdirect with us if you are. Many online third-party vacation rental sites can add a 5%-20% additional fee to your reservation. We know that your vacations are significant and may limit how much you can spend each year. AMI Locals wants to make sure that you get the most out of your money when visiting Anna Maria Island. The only way that you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation without getting hit with that unexpected fee is by booking direct today!

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What You Need to Know About Booking Direct

On February 2nd, 2022, we celebrate the 5th Annual Book Direct Day, which was created to help educate vacation rental guests on the benefits of booking directly through an owner or Property Management Company vs. using a Third-Party agency such as Airbnb, HomeAway, VBRO & TripAdvisor.

While you may recognize these big-name companies and their gimmicks in helping you save money, you will soon learn that they will charge you a fee for using their website. Who wants to pay extra just to try and save a little money? Some of the expenses that you may incur when you book with an OTA can range from 5%-20% of the total cost of your vacation rental, which in turn can cost you thousands of dollars extra depending on which rental you choose.

Why You Should Book Direct with Us

When you book direct with AMI Locals, you will not only speak with one of our vacation specialists who are local to Anna Maria Island and can give you the best information on the area. We know all the details on each property because we have personally been to them. We can provide you with our recommendations on where to dine, play, shop, and visit businesses in the area. Our office is conveniently on Anna Maria Island, so if any problems arise while you’re on vacation, we’re here to help.

How You Can Book Direct with AMI Locals

You will find that booking directly with us at AMI Locals is easy! We encourage all guests to book their vacations directly through our safe & secure website, www.amilocals.com, or call our office at (941) 757-8226. Rest assured that we will never charge any hidden fees, and we will always provide you with the best available rates on our professionally managed vacation rentals. We don’t want you to have to pay anything extra so that you can use that money to go out to eat, explore the island or make a local day trip. We understand that your money is precious, and we can help you see that your vacation to Anna Maria Island is the best one it can be each year!

Are you ready to plan your vacation today? #BookDirect with AMI Locals today to have the best-planned vacation year after year!

Winter is an Excellent Time of the Year to Vacation on Anna Maria Island

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It’s hard to believe that winter is here and in several parts of the country is dumping snow like crazy too. One of the best things about vacationing to Anna Maria Island during the wintertime is no snow. Just our sandy white beaches, crystal clear water, and incredible temperatures are what you get to look forward to. Staying in one of our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals will allow you and your family to enjoy our beautiful island. Let’s look below at why winter is an excellent time of the year to spend your vacation on Anna Maria Island.

Less Crowded

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One of the best things about vacationing to Anna Maria Island during the winter is the crowds are much less. You’ll not only be able to find all of the best spots on the beach in the morning, but you’ll have a prime spot sitting in the waves. The kids will have all the space they could ever want to build their little sandcastle village, including a moat. Less crowded means that you won’t have long waits at stores, restaurants, and experiences around the island.

Amazing Temperatures

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Another big reason winter is a great time to visit Anna Maria Island this winter is the temps. During January, you’ll find that the average temperature during the day is 71 degrees, with a low of 52 degrees. February has a little better temp with the average during the day being 74 degrees with a low of 55. March brings warmer temps with a daily average of 77 degrees and a low of 58 degrees. You’ll also find that it may rain 3-5 days total during each month which allows you to enjoy the weather a little more.With the weather being perfect, you’ll still be able to get in and enjoy the water with the family, it’s just like you’re in the Caribbean.

While there are other reasons why winter is an excellent time of the year to vacation on Anna Maria Island, we wanted to share these few with you. If you haven’t booked your winter stay with us in one of our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals, give us a call today. We can’t wait to see what you think of our winter compared to your winter back home!